10. Easter Sunday

Props: Three toys, a sheet of A4 paper, scissors and a pen. As usual, everything comes out of my little bag as needed.


HOST Hello boys and girls! This is Easter, and I thought we’d ask what Easter is really all about. No, don’t tell me: I have invited three special guests to help us out. First we have Miss Talk-a-Lot. Welcome to our panel, Miss Talk-a-Lot.

MISS TALK-A-LOT [High squeaky voice, speaking rapidly] Thank you for inviting me here today. It is true I talk a lot, but that’s because I know a lot. I’ve always wanted to be on a panel of speakers ...

HOST [Shutting her up with a well placed hand] Yes, thank you Miss Talk-a-Lot. Now our second guest is Mr Noddy-Don’t-Know-Very-Much-at-All. Welcome Mr Noddy.

MR NODDY DON’T KNOW VERY MUCH AT ALL [Deep voice] Thank you for inviting me.

HOST And our third guest is ... a sheep! We’re going to call him ‘Shaun’. Do you know why? [Answers about cut wool.] No, we call him Shaun because that’s his name! Welcome Shaun.

SHAUN Baa. Baa.

HOST Hmmm. We may have some trouble understanding Shaun. Now we have invited our guests to answer the question, ‘What is Easter really all about’. I have my own view on this. I think Easter is all about HOLIDAYS. Everybody I know goes on holiday at Easter: they get in their caravans, visit their holiday houses, go away ... so that is the answer - holidays. However, just in case there are any other opinions, I will ask my guests the question. Miss Talk-a-Lot, do you know what Easter is all about?

MISS TALK-A-LOT Yes, I think Easter is all about BUNNY RABBITS. Every Easter you see them in the newspaper, you see them in magazines, you see them in the shops. I have no idea why they all appear at Easter, but there they are. So, yes, Easter is all about bunny rabbits. Now if you would like me to tell you about Christmas ...

HOST [Puts hand over doll’s mouth] Thank you Miss Talk-a-Lot. That was certainly a very ‘interesting’ answer. Now, Mr Noddy-Don’t-Know-Very-Much-at-All, what do you think Easter is all about?

MR NODDY DON’T KNOW VERY MUCH AT ALL Well, I do the shopping in our household. And I notice that at Easter the shops are full of Easter eggs. Covered in pretty coloured paper, and all sizes, and all made of lovely chocolate. And I just love eating chocolate. Easter is a very good time! So yes, I think Easter is about eating lots of yummy chocolate Easter eggs.

HOST Thank you Mr Noddy-Don’t-Know-Very-Much-at-All. You certainly lived up to your name! Now Shaun, have you any idea at all what Easter is all about?

SHAUN Baa. Baa. Baa.

HOST Come on Shaun. This is not going to be easy ... But wait [holding head], I think Shaun is telling me something. [Place Shaun to face Host.] You want me to get a piece of paper. Well, fortunately I have a piece right here. I guess we’ll need a pen too – Shaun will want me to write something. ... No pen? Oh well ... [Throws pen over shoulder.] Oh, Shaun wants me to fold the paper.

[The series of folds is given below. The final appearance of the cross is quite surprising.]

He wants me to fold this corner down to this edge. Ah, we’re making a paper aeroplane. I remember doing this as a boy, ... at university. Oh no, that was later! An aeroplane: Shaun is agreeing with my view about Easter holidays. No? Shaun wants me to fold the top corner over ... to get this house. Easter is about families at home having a nice time together. ... No? I have to fold it in half ... now he wants me to find scissors, ands cut close to the fold. Easter is all about scrap paper?! Sorry Shaun! Now I have to unfold this piece ... to get ... a cross. Of course! Well done Shaun! Easter is about Jesus loving me and dying for me on the cross, and the cross is empty, reminding us that Jesus rose from the dead and lives today. And when we invite Jesus into our lives, he comes and lives in us. What a wonderful message of Easter. Thank you Shaun, and thank you other members of our panel.

And perhaps you boys and girls will remember this message, and be able to make your own paper cross?



Adapted from “What Is Easter All About?”, A Puppet Play by Maurice Sweet-sour