28. Prayer and static


Prop: battery transistor radio


Hello boys and girls! I bought along my little radio this morning. Do any of you have a little radio? It is very good for listening to your favourite music, or for catching up on the tennis scores during church – who said that?!

This little dial is for selecting the station (demonstrate), and this one controls the volume – loud or very loud. But what is this switch for? It says AM – FM. What does that stand for? No ... not morning and ... ! I know AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and FM stands for Frequency Modulation, but we won’t go there – I’ll quickly get into trouble. I do know that the FM switch is good because on FM the static is greatly reduced. You know when there is a thunder-storm and the lightning flashes and the radio goes zzzzit-zzzit, and you miss out on your music. Well, FM cuts out that interference. I sometimes think it would be good to have an FM switch to help me with my praying. Let me tell you why ... .

Each day I try to set aside a time with God. I go into my study in the morning – I choose the morning, because that is when I’m awake. I sit by the window, and first thank God that I am alive (at my age, every day is a bonus!). Then I thank God for another lovely day, for his beautiful creation, and so on. But then, ... suddenly ... (imitate cuckoo clock). Why does the cuckoo decide to pray just when I am?! Or sometimes Mrs S. goes into the laundry next door, and starts the washing machine (imitate washing machine). How can I pray with that going on? Or then I open my eyes and my computer is sitting on the desk opposite, looking at me with its one big eye, and I swear it is calling me: Come on Paul. We’ve got things to do together today!

Now, wouldn’t it be good if I had an FM switch – an anti-static switch, which would cut out all these distractions and let me hear what God is trying to say to me? Well, fortunately he has ... . Let’s pray.

Prayer. Lord we thank you that we are able to talk with you in prayer, and that you delight to speak with us. Thank you for your Holy Spirit who helps us tune out all the voices and noises of the world, and helps us tune in on what you have to say to us. Speak to us we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.