37. Ten Girls go to a Wedding

Matt 25:1 –13

The idea for this story came from a website, but I lost the URL and invented my own, using the idea. It involves no ‘props’, as all the toys were in a packing carton during a house move! I did take my (empty) carry bag. I read the story, but it‘s a good idea to practise telling it beforehand, to ensure that the sound effects come after the words.

Seat the children facing the congregation, and sit on a chair facing the children.

Now boys and girls I’m sorry to say I have no toys in my bag today. Teddy and Noddy are very sad they couldn’t come today. They are probably even sadder that they are packed away in a carton where it is dark and squashy!

Since the toys aren’t here, I’m going to tell you a story of Jesus, but I want you to create the special effects! There are eight of them. Do you think you’ll be able to remember that many? I’ll be here to help you! [Practise these in turn.]

When I say TEN, we hold up ten fingers and say ‘Yay!’
When I say FIVE, we hold up five fingers and say ‘Yay!’
When I say WISE, we say ‘Too wit to woo!’ (like the wise old owl)
When I say FOOLISH, we say ‘Duh!’
When I say WENT TO SLEEP, what do you think we’ll do? ...
And when I say WOKE UP, ... big stretch!
Finally, when I say MIDNIGHT, we say ‘Bong, bong, bong ... ’ like a big clock
And when I say THE DOOR WAS SHUT, we say ‘Bang!’ and clap our hands.

Alright, now here’s the story Jesus told his disciples to tell them to be ready.

Once upon a time there were TEN girls who went to a wedding carrying their oil lamps. FIVE of the girls were WISE and FIVE of the girls were FOOLISH. The FIVE, WISE girls brought some extra oil for their lamps, but the FIVE, FOOLISH girls didn't bring any. Now the bridegroom was late in coming, and all the girls WENT TO SLEEP.

Suddenly it was MIDNIGHT, and the cry went up ‘The bridegroom is coming!’

The girls all WOKE UP. The FIVE, FOOLISH girls looked at their lamps and saw that they were going out. So they turned to the FIVE, WISE girls, and said ‘Can we have some of your oil? Our lamps are going out.’ But the FIVE, WISE girls replied, ‘But then we wouldn't have enough for ourselves. You will have to go and buy some more.’

And while they were away, the bridegroom came, and the FIVE, WISE girls went into the wedding feast with the bridegroom, and THE DOOR WAS SHUT.

[Slowly] And the FIVE, FOOLISH girls were shut out.


Let’s pray. Lord Jesus, help us to be ready for the day when you return, that we might be able to go to be in your presence for ever. Amen.