4. Boomerang

Isa 55:11


Props: Model Aboriginal weapons, or at least a boomerang.

I came to Australia many years ago – before any of you were born; in fact before any of your parents were born – now that’s a worry! Soon afterwards I spent a week up on a sheep station in the far north, a place called Kingoonya. Of course there were no sheep to be seen, only kangaroos. If the owner wanted to find sheep he drove off in his truck or sent the Aboriginal lads off on their smart motor bikes which had bright colours, chrome headlights, and flashing indicators! One night I came into the farm house kitchen to find the floor swarming with dozens of cockroaches! The feet of the dressers were standing in tins of water to keep them away from the food!

Outside, a little way away from the house lived an old Aboriginal man called Banjo. He lived with his two wives in a humpy – a sort of rough hut shelter made of sticks and branches. I want to show you some of the things he carved for me. What do you think this is? [A shield.] Yes, I didn’t know that the Aborigines used shields. And this? [A spear.] Yes, and this is a woomera. It is used to throw the spear: the little hook fits into the end of the spear, and away it goes, far and fast. And you know what this is. [A boomerang.] Yes. I want to talk to you about this, but have a look at this big one first. Notice how it is shaped to make it return.

Now who can tell me what a boomerang does. [You throw it and it returns to the thrower.] Yes, but that is only half right. If the Aborigine is out hunting and he misses his target, the boomerang returns. But if he hits the target, then the boomerang just drops to the ground.

Now did you know there is a boomerang verse in the Bible. It is Isaiah 55:11. God is talking about his word. He says: ‘when my word goes out, it doesn’t return to me empty. But it does what I set out to make it do.’ That is, like the boomerang, it doesn’t just return, but it hits the target!

I’d like to encourage you children to learn a Bible verse every day. You’re young and bright, and that shouldn’t be too hard. For God speaks to us through his word, and as our verse says, God’s word hits the mark every time. God can speak to us every day, no matter what sort of problem we have.

Let us pray. Father we thank you for your love for us, and for giving us your word. Speak to us through it each day, as we place our trust in you. Amen.


[Note: I believe the interpretation of this verse is fine, but I had great trouble finding a translation which would be clear to the children.]