Be Kind and Loving and Generous



Props: Mother Teddy, and two identical baby teddies, one heavily bandaged.

Hello boys and girls. I want to tell you today about a day in the life of the Teddy family. Mrs Teddy and Little Ted sat down for breakfast in the morning, and then Little Ted went off to school. [Little Ted gets popped into the bag; later the duplicate appears.] Then Mrs Teddy went off to work in the Toy Factory for several hours before going down to the beach for the Teddy Bears’ picnic. It was hot, so of course she kicked off her shoes and went bear-footed! On the way home she called in at the supermarket and bought some bear essentials! All of which has nothing to do with our story ... . Mrs Teddy wanted to be home to greet Little Ted when he arrived back from school. And here he comes ... but what has happened to him? Mrs Teddy is shocked. “Did you stub your toe, dear?” she asks.

“Oh, it was terrible at school,” cried Little Ted. “There was this big boy who called me bad names, so I called him a bad name back. Then he swore at me. I didn’t know how to swear, but I called him an even worse name. Then he punched me on the nose, and I biffed him over the ear, and then we were rolling around on the ground. Then my teacher picked me up and wrapped me in bandages, and here I am!”

“Poor Little Ted,” said Mrs Teddy. “You come with me.” And she led Teddy out the back door. There was the garden, and a mountain behind. “Now,” said Mrs Teddy, “I want you to shout out all the bad things you said to that boy.”

So Little Ted shouted out, ‘I hate you!’ And the echo came back, ‘I hate you!’ Little Ted shouted out ‘You're an awful keeky-kokey!’ (Little Ted didn’t know many bad names!) And the echo came back, You're an awful keeky-kokey!’ “You're a stinky film-flom-fleehy!” cried out Little Ted, and the echo came back. “Now say something nice,” said Mrs Teddy. “I like you,” called out Little Ted, and sure enough, back came the echo, “I like you!” “God loves you!” called out Little Ted, and the mountain replied, ”God loves you.”

“You see how it is, ” explained Mrs Teddy, “what we give out comes back to us. That’s why it is good to be always kind and generous and loving.” Little Ted thought that this was a great idea, and he never forgot it. I hope you never forget it too!

But there is a little more to this story. This story is true. It happen to a little boy called Louis. And after his school fight, Louis never forgot what his mother taught him. And Louis grew up to be very rich and famous. In fact, you may have seen a movie or a DVD which starts with a big lion at the beginning. And the lion goes “ROAR!” And under the lion are written the words METRO - GOLDWYN - MAYER. Well, Louis was Louis Mayer. And if you are always kind and generous and loving, you too might grow up to be rich and famous, but even if you don’t, it’s a great way to live!