This site of Country Churches of South Australia is appearing in the midst of an on-going project on photographing the world’s cathedrals. My purposes in creating cathedral websites are:

• To make a photographic record (in case of catastrophe)
• To record the beauty, history and spirituality of these great buildings.

Working with the country churches, the technique is much the same, but what about the purposes? Well, making a photographic record still seems to be a good idea.

There is beauty in these little buildings, but the artistic content is obviously much less. I do see the history as being very important. These little country towns are perhaps 150 years old, and the local church was always a centrepiece, a meeting place, a focus. And the people who planned and served and created were frequently the leading lights in those early town communities. Then there is the spirituality. As we have mixed with these country congregations we have found uncomplicated Christians who have faithfully worshipped and served over many years. These are good and devout people who have given sacrificially, served their community in the name of Christ, and enjoyed the love and fellowship of their Church family.

In the services, the music may not be perfect, the pews may be uncomfortable, there may be odd interruptions ... but the love of Christ is present and evident. Surely this is worth recording!


Paul Scott  



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