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Nick married Margaret Polglase. Nick and Margie have lived in Perth for many years. Nick is now Senior Pastor at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church – a large congregation in Perth’s southern suburbs. Margie supports him in this, and still has time for a variety of handicrafts.

Nick and Margie have two children:

Ashleigh has done very well in dancing and calisthenics, and has a large number of awards. She is now doing university training with school chaplaincy in mind. She is married to Sam Peletier.

Jason excels in any game involving a ball, and has done well in volleyball. He is beginning university studies in architecture, along with his good friend Linda Lam.

Sasha is the family dog who spends her time making life hard for the family cat, Vinnie!

T12254MargieJr T13020SamAshleigh
Margie Ashleigh and Sam
Jason and Linda Sasha